Friday, December 21, 2012

End Of The World

December 20, 2012
11:15 PM
Well, it’s almost here.  For years people have been predicting the end of the world, but those people were misguided and foolish.  They had no concrete evidence, no facts to support them, and it was no wonder that they were wrong.  This time is different.  This time there is centuries of Mayan culture and math that says we are indeed at the end of days. I’m not exactly sure what’s going to happen.  Will it be complete destruction?  Will there be survivors left to rebuild civilization?  I’m not taking any chances, which is why I spent my life savings on an underground bunker and six months supply of non-perishable canned goods.  Not to mention a generator, bio-hazard suit, a lot of guns and ammunition and various other survival gear.  What money I had left over I converted to gold.  Granted, I only had 147.60 left over, but a little gold is better than none.  I will use it to trade with my fellow survivors, if we do indeed survive.  All I know is, I am ready, I am prepared, and there are a lot of people that aren't.  Some people are going to look pretty foolish tomorrow!

December 21, 2012
12:01 AM
Okay, nothing yet, but I am on the west coast.  Perhaps the apocalypse will begin at midnight on the east coast.  I’m not exactly sure which time zone the bulk of the Mayan empire occupied.  It will happen though, mark my words.

3:01 AM
Well, no one really said it would happen exactly at midnight!  There are still plenty of hours in the day!  As I said, I’m not really sure what we’re in for, but it will be bad.  Everyone will see that I was right all along.  Especially my ex-wife.  Out of graciousness, I offered her a spot in the bunker with me, but apparently Kate would rather die on the surface with her wonderful new boyfriend Joe.  Let’s see how she feels when the sky rains fire in few hours.  Let’s see how great Joe is when the dead walk the earth or the seas overrun the land.  She’ll show up here begging to get in, and I will open my door to her (provided it’s safe and there is no radiation present).  I will even let Joe in if he is with her.  Then we will sit here, me the hero and Kate so grateful for refuge and Joe sulking and feeling foolish, knowing that I was the smart one.  Oh, and of course she will have brought our son Jacob.  I would have him here now if she had let me.  She used the whole doomsday prep I’ve been doing the last year in our court battle to gain full custody of him.  Of course, the court would have to go along with her side of things.  The entire government knows what’s coming; the court had to pretend that I was crazy to keep their whole cover-up on track.  If they admitted what they know it may have been the first domino that set off a worldwide panic as the sheep were forced to face the truth.  Okay, I’m gonna stop writing now.  Hopefully my next entry will be about the beginning of the end!

7:20 AM
Nothing yet.  I’m watching my portable TV and it’s amazing.  People are just going on as if their world is safe, like nothing is about to happen.  If I were a newscaster or morning show host I certainly wouldn't be spending Earths last hours reading off a teleprompter in some studio.  Although, if this truly is the end I will have spent my last hours in an underground room checking the status of my urine recycling machine.  Look, I realized this was a gamble from the beginning, but the worlds going to end one way or another.  If there are going to be survivors, I want to be one of them.  Let’s face it, if the world is ravaged and I’m one of the few people left alive, that’s kind of a win for me.  The world as it stands now is no picnic for me.  I’m 38 years old, dead end job, no prospects for romance.  I spend most of my time alone already, so once there are only a handful of people left my stock will rise exponentially.  I will be seen as I should be seen, as a survivor and a leader, someone important, someone to be respected.  Not like now.  The way things are now my own family doesn't seem to think much of me.  At least during their last moments they will know that I was right and they were wrong, and they will wish they had afforded me some more respect. 

9:30 PM
Nothing.  I have been talking to my fellow survivors via shortwave radio and we are at a loss as to why there are no reports of asteroids or why earthquakes are not ripping the earth to pieces.  There is still time left, something will happen, it’s just got to.

December 22, 2012
1:45 AM
I am getting worried now.  Still there is no apocalypse.  Most of my shortwave comrades have given up, but I will wait a while longer.  These predictions were made centuries ago, there is a chance that they are a few hours off, give or take.  People need to realize that ancient civilizations like the Maya and Egyptians were privy to knowledge that we have lost over the millennia.  There is too much evidence that they possessed skills and understanding that we just can’t comprehend.  Look at their stone buildings and monuments.  It’s not as if a bunch of them got together and just lifted them into place!  Some technology, possible alien in origin, cut and guided those rocks.  Those precise alignments couldn't have been achieved simply by observing the sun or the stars! People need to wake up and realize that there is a lot more going on here!  Well, that little pep talk has re-inspired me.  I know it’s going to happen soon.  Those amazing ancients can’t be wrong!

7:40 AM
I can’t believe nothing happened.  I feel somewhat foolish, but it could just be that the Mayans were off by a day, a month, a year.  Who knows?  I guess I’m happy that the world was spared and my family and loved ones are safe, but I can’t help but feel a bitter disappointment.  I am not looking forward to the holidays.  In fact, I guess I will have to get a few hours of sleep and go shopping for Christmas presents.  I hope Walmart takes gold.

The preceding was found recently at an archaeological dig in the Bieber province.  It was located in an underground shelter common to the early 21st century.  The shelter was completely intact, despite being built and stocked over 165 years ago.  Had someone been inside when the great cataclysm occurred, they surely would have survived.  It is worth pointing out that the time noted on the last entry was only 55 minutes before the earthquakes started and the volcanoes erupted.  

© David Ferraris 2012